Dedicated Desk

Personal Sit / Stand Desk
Built-in Power and Ethernet
Ability to preserve your perfect workspace

Ivy Street Coworking in South Park. Practical. Cozy. And Right Around The Corner (depending on your corner).

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Detailed interior view of Ivy Street Coworking in South Park, San Diego
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$550 / month

$350 / month

Shared Desk 

Unlimited access to all communal seating options:

Shared Work Tables
Cafe Tables 
Counter Seating
Outdoor Courtyard

$175 / month

Flex Desk

Access to all Shared Desk seating 
up to 10 days a month

All Ivy Street Memberships Come With Access To:

Conference room
Private phone booths
Kitchen Basics
Seven Seas cold brew on tap
Outdoor courtyard
Print/copy station
Awesome Wi-Fi
Community events 

Coworker sitting at a dedicated desk at Ivy Street Coworking
view of kitchen space and shared counter top and common area at Ivy Street Coworking

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Coworker sitting at a shared desk at Ivy Street Coworking

Ivy Street is a community driven workspace for those looking to break away from their home office, work remotely, or anyone looking for a cozy productive space.

*Private Office Available: 

Separate dedicated entrance, office furniture, private kitchen and bathrooms. Email for pricing and more info